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How to Build Brand Awareness for Your New Business?

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Starting a new business in a world with millions of brands and giant corporations is exciting but scary. No matter what unique and high-quality product you offer, there is always a risk of getting lost in the ocean of competing companies. However, there is a thing that could be your compass, a kind of mark on the map that will save you in this chaos. It’s called brand awareness.

You should think about it from the first steps in your business. This indicator is used to build a marketing strategy or create any design materials. It’s also crucial in startup branding. Awareness includes your brand into customers’ lives, forms a habit of buying your products, and forces people to come back to you again and again.

However, what exactly does this term mean? What are the specific benefits of awareness, and how to increase it for those who are just entering the market? We’ve prepared some info for you that will help you better understand the essence of this concept.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a kind of your brand recognition level, which indicates how much detail potential customers are informed about your company. This indicator also shows whether the target audience associates your brand with the services/goods it provides.

In layman’s terms, brand awareness is when people recognize your brand, know its name and associate it with correct services or products. It is important to understand that brand recognition and awareness are not the same things. 

Recognition is the level when the customer sees the brand identity and easily recognizes it. Awareness is the highest level of recognition when the target audience has the correct associations and knows everything about the company’s products.

brand colors and fonts for awareness

Why Does a New Business Need Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a key hook that makes customers pay attention to your brand in a wide market. It’s force purchase decisions when your target audience is confronted with multiple choices. However, this is not the only reason to worry about this indicator.

Brand awareness is the basis of a brand’s positive equity.

The value of a brand depends on the audience’s general perception and the customer experience in interaction with the brand. Positive experience and recognizability create positive equity. And regular promotion of such an experience increases brand value.

Sounds pretty confusing? Here’s the more straightforward explanation. When the clients begin to recognize the brand immediately and with no assistance, they’re ready to preference its products/services over the competitors’ offers.

Thus, brand awareness stimulates new purchases, which allows you to raise prices and increase capital. Therefore, it is crucial for a new brand building because it increases brand value and creates new opportunities for company expansion, new products, etc.

Brand awareness is an effective tool for increasing sales.

Studies show that 69% of consumers are willing to prefer products of a familiar brand to cheap counterparts. It means that the greater the recognition, the greater the demand. And the demand, in turn, allows you to expand the distribution network and increase sales.

Brand awareness is a great way to bring your team together.

As corporate identities, brand awareness makes your employees appreciate the company where they work more and more. This indicator shows the progress of the business, its development, and its expansion.

When awareness grows, more employees are proud of their jobs, and the demand for vacancies in your company is higher. So it makes your colleagues more motivated to work for the best result together.

Brand awareness allows you to extend your influence.

As much as we would like to think that even the smallest companies can change the world, only the well-known brands create the main trends in each area. It is difficult for a new business to find partners or investors, to conclude agreements on favorable terms.

That is why brand awareness is your key to stable development, as well as a lever to influence the market. With it, you will set your terms and enter into agreements that are beneficial to you.

Brand awareness creates solid association and establishes trust.

A powerful brand has strong associations. When we search for something on the Internet, we say, “I’ll google it.” When we need a napkin, we ask for a kleenex. The names of these brands have become separate words that describe actions or everyday objects. And all it happened because they’re so recognizable that people all over the world have a solid association between the brand and its product.

Brand awareness makes your customers subconsciously look for your brand identity. It builds a trusting relationship with your target audience and does almost all the marketing for you

brand awareness for solid associations

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

1. Create a personality for your brand and broadcast it through a unique identity.

New business needs to enter the arena brightly and be unforgettable. Imagine that your brand is a unique person with individual peculiarities. That is the personality, and you can create a memorable brand image using it. It also allows you to broadcast your values ​​and significantly increase brand awareness.

However, how can you describe all the brand features and values, ​​so they become part of the abstract personality concept? Here modern design comes to help. You just need to find a professional who can feel the vibe and understand your brand’s philosophy. A great designer can develop a unique identity and detailed brand guidelines based on your company’s features.

In this case, creative branding is a kind of packaging for the brand’s personality. It helps to make a lasting impression and hold total customers’ attention. A good identity (logo, brand colors, etc.) will also simplify your future marketing efforts.

2. Use your branding all the time and everywhere.

Remember that your logo and graphic design are a reflection of your brand. Therefore, you should use such attributes where possible to make them stuck in people’s minds.

Take care of the aesthetic branding for your products, develop quality merch for employees, use branding in all your presentations and ads. If you provide services exclusively online, ensure that the website design constantly demonstrates branding at all communication points. The constant presence of identity will significantly expand the boundaries of brand awareness.

3. Make your coworkers become your brand ambassadors.

The brand’s reputation is its main asset. It’s formed not only by customer feedback but also by the attitude of the company’s employees. It is especially important for young businesses that have to fight for pros.

So, build a relationship in the company that your employees would be proud of where they work. Broadcast the values ​​of your brand and its philosophy through all possible channels. Make your people feel needed and special. Then they’ll be happy to become ambassadors of your brand.

Everyone is tired of faceless corporations, where man is only a resource. Instead, tell customers about your team on the website, in advertising, in social media posts. It will make your business more humane and user-friendly.

Again, don’t forget about quality merch for employees. They will be happy to use it in everyday life. And this, in turn, can be an additional platform for your ads.

4. Dress up your social media and create shareable content.

Social media can be a perfect tool for raising brand awareness. However, to use them effectively, you should build your strategy based on two main principles:

  • professional and attractive profile appearance;
  • active communication with the audience.

In the first case, you can dress up your social networks with the profiles and posts brand design and create a general appearance for all platforms. It’ll make your profiles stand out from the competition and keep users’ attention.

Communication is a bit more complicated. It’s not enough just to post beautiful and stylish images. You should interact with the audience: ask questions, comment and like subscribers’ posts, host contests and encourage your audience to share brand content. Modern design allows you to create a lot of “hooks” for the audience. You can use exciting infographics, funny animations or gifs, unique images. Everything that evokes emotions forces the follower to share the post.

When we talk about new businesses with a small number of subscribers, owners must have active accounts. So alongside the company’s brand, try to develop a solid and exciting personal brand. Entertain your followers, appreciate them and make sure your posts look stylish.

In the first instance, it’s important to know some numbers. How many followers do you have on social media? What is the number of users visiting your website every month? How many people google the name of your brand? These statistics will help you to build a strong strategy based on objective indicators.

cool branding for social media

Final Thoughts

So brand awareness is the key to success and high sales. It allows you to turn the market upside down, leave competitors far behind and strengthen the brand’s equity. It is incredibly important for a new business to create and increase this indicator.

Howard Schultz said, “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” And it’s totally true. So make your brand identity, social media pages, ads translate the values you do believe in. Then your customers and coworkers become the most loyal ambassadors of your brand, which means you get the most enduring brand awareness ever.

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