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Graphic Design in Social Media: Why We Need This and How Does It Work?

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Social media has long been the main platform for advertising and brand promotion. A company that doesn’t have an Instagram or Facebook profile looks suspicious to potential customers, not to mention that every post affects the user’s judgments.

People learn news from social media, find their community, and shop. So ads on Instagram can be the best way to increase sales. However, catchy advertising is not enough. Modern users want aesthetics and a unique vision. That’s why marketing agencies hire entire teams of designers to improve the appearance of social media profiles.

What Is Social Media Design?

Graphic design and social media go hand in hand. Marketing designers create a broad assortment of digital materials for specific platforms. Therefore, they must have a clear understanding of digital features and a perfect aesthetic taste. These are superpowers that help create effective assets for marketing strategy.

Consequently, social media graphic design is a practice of projecting ideas and experiences with visual content for all social media platforms. The final products of this practice are animated ads and GIFs, banners, infographics, images, and the permanent appearance of social media posts, pages, accounts. In simple terms, this design determines how your brand will look and feel in the environment of digital networks.

At this point, we should talk about the real benefits of social media design for any business. For example, why it’s so crucial to suit up the brand pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.? How designed posts help to sell products or services? And, after all…

Why Do You Need a Professional Graphic Design for Social Media Marketing?

There are some valid reasons.

1. Remarkable Social Media Aesthetic 

The human eye is a miracle that can be used effectively in marketing. Before we learn to read, we explore the world through images and touches. Unfortunately, the client cannot touch social media, but his glance can fall on the hook of quality graphic design. 

Visual and aesthetic in social media marketing reduce the distance between your customer and brand. Users may not read the text, but they do pay attention to the eye-catching graphics. With this in mind, make sure the new design is constant, recognizable and tells your followers the brand’s unique story. 

Proper graphic design makes your social media become not only aesthetic but also in harmony with the company’s values, philosophy, and message. So use it to provide the best image of the services you offer on your page.

2.  Stable Brand Recognition

A potential follower decides whether to stay on the page for the first 5 seconds, so it’s good to have a visual lure that will make him stop in the flow. In addition, the consistent design makes customers recognize your brand and thus sets your product apart from the others.

We’ve talked about brand recognition in the previous article. Graphic design for social media posts plays an essential role in the formation of such quality. It stucks in the users’ memory, forces them to interact with the brand. But what is more important professional design makes your products and services representation exciting and valuable.

3. Best Visual Message Ever

When it comes to a company’s message, you put it into words. However, it is the visual details that bring it to the audience through social media. And there are three main things that depend on the quality of graphic design:

  1. The ability to convey the message clearly and without loss of meaning.
  2. The ability to make the potential customer pay attention to this message.
  3. The ability to make the customer stay on the page and learn more about your services/products.

We can assume that graphic design for social media seems to be a pretty serious tool in building a solid relationship with your audience. It delivers your message in the most effective, clear, and fast way. Graphic design also improves brand visibility making a lasting impression. So feel free to use this tool in your marketing strategy.

4. User Engagement and Sales Hook

The increasing of customer engagement is an important task of social media marketing. Without it, any campaign comes to a dead end. The success of advertising campaigns often depends on the opportunity to impact the target audience’s decision-making process. Active engagement is based on user’s needs, desires, brand awareness, etc.

Graphic design for Instagram or any other platform encourages people not only to pay attention to the post but also to share it to their feed, like it, and discuss it with other users. Thus, it helps to communicate with the target audience more effectively and sometimes to reach users outside this network.

5. Strong Connection Between Brand and Customers

Attracting an audience through design allows you to build consistent relationships. For example, when a brand pays attention to social media and its appearance, users admit the company’s professional skills and expertise.

So, when a graphic design for Facebook or other platforms demonstrates quality, the target audience trusts the brand. In addition, the correct visual representation allows you to stand out on social media.

Some Useful Tips

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for perfect social media graphics. Sometimes marketers go in blind search to find necessary levers of influence and to make magic happen. But there are some tips to shed light on this search.

Stay Brandy, Be Trendy

All of your social media pages have to stay on brand. It is crucial for consistency and awareness. Pay particular attention to brand colors, tone of voice, fonts, images, etc. Include your logo in the profile image. If you still don’t have a style guide, order it and make all your employees and ad agencies use it.

It is essential to avoid dissonance between the appearance of the profile and the company’s values. Every detail must broadcast the ethos of the brand. Otherwise, the page will simply alienate your customers.

Pay Attention to Colors and Patterns

Different colors evoke specific emotions. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to use a particular palette in the design of the post. 

Also, one of the best graphic design tips for social media is to pay attention to the patterns of imagery. For example, professional designers are trying to place the focal point at the left part of the center. Why? It is the exact point we look at while scrolling news feeds.

Create Variety and Consistency

A variety of sharable content is one of the most effective hooks for users. Valuable content makes reach across all platforms wider and increases site traffic. You can use infographics, GIFs, and classic images in the right balance.

However, we shouldn’t forget that consistency is the basis of the brand. Therefore, it is essential not to get lost in the chaos of this diversity. The easiest way to counter this chaos is to create templates. So find some of the best options that would complement each other. Templates can help you get a stylish look of the profile, as well as maintain consistency.

“Digital Design is Like Painting, Except the Paint Never Dries”

These words of Neville Brody can easily be the conclusion of our post. Digital design, including graphic design of social media, is an eternal art. Once on the Internet, always on the Internet. Your posts will exist forever. That’s why creating the right look and content for social media profiles is essential. 

Marketers sell a dream, and social media are the markets crowded with buyers. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust the design of your profile to online platforms that offer everyone the same. 

Great graphic design boosts user engagement, increases sales, and improves user experience. So entrust this case to real people who have significant experience and creative thinking. Only they will be able to turn your profile into a digital piece of art.

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