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5 Factors That Make a Perfect Logo

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Each brand has its unique features that must be broadcasted to the target audience. It can be a special product or service, an exciting story, etc. All these things, of course, are described in brand books, catalogs, and corporate documents.

However, the potential customer doesn’t have time for a large amount of information. That’s why it is crucial to find a way of communication to convey the information in the first few seconds and do it concisely and clearly. 

The first people left short marks on the walls of the caves to tell us about their lives. As regards brand, designers also create a symbol for it. This mark is called a logo.

What is Logo?

what is logo

A logo is a text and image-based symbol for your brand identification. Proper logo broadcasts company values, philosophy, and area of activity. In other words, it’s a brand visual mark and an important part of the business branding.

Fonts, abstract symbols, or illustrations can all be used in brand logos. All these parts create a holistic combination that associates with the company. So it’s essential to find your unique style.

In the light of the foregoing professional logo design is a practice of creating the perfect visual brand marks. And experienced designers develop concepts that have a strong associative connection with the company’s products and services.

The Main Functions of The Logo Design

What a professional logo suppose to do? There are three main functions:


First of all, we use these design subjects for brand identification. Logos help customers recognize and detect your brand without much effort. So, the essential function of branding and logo design is to identify business, brand, product, and services.

Communication Strategy 

A great logo is a tool for building a communication strategy. It attracts the audience, creates a lasting impression of interaction with visuals. In addition, logos as a part of the identity delivers information about your brand, products/services to the target audience immediately.

Professional Look

professional look of logo

A company that doesn’t have a logo is bound to fail in any way. This is particularly true in the case of logo design for startups when it’s crucial to make a strong first impression.

Wonder if you can name at least one brand without a logo and a recognizable identity? It’s hardly possible to remember a company without a brand mark. Business with no logo looks unprofessional and suspicious to customers.

Factors That Make a Perfect Logo Design

It’s not easy to determine the exact metrics of the perfect logo design for business. Sometimes it’s not enough to have experience and design skills. People subconsciously fall in love with logos and identities, so it’s almost impossible to control this process.

The main task of the designer is to do everything possible to make the logo work. So it’s helpful to know a few basic features of the proper logo.

Memorability and Big Impact

A good logo is one that makes you keep your eyes and take a closer look at it. It should make a pleasant impression and evoke warm emotions. Sometimes annoying images can be catchy, but you need to be especially careful with this approach. It all depends on the company’s values, activities, and philosophy.

When we think of Instagram, Twitter, Apple, etc., we immediately mention these brands’ logos. After all, they catch the eye and also affect the audience. Every detail has its own symbolism and meaning. The image keeps the focus on the essential things.

Right Message and Distinction 

It is crucial to prepare the correct text for your logo (if the design provides for it). A great slogan represents the brand’s values, so you should make sure that it evokes pleasant and pure emotions. Also, take care of unique and easy-to-read font.

You should also make sure that the logo stands out among such competing brands. A strong visual effect can only be created if you go beyond common trends. A creative approach allows you to develop a strong identity that broadcasts the company’s history in seconds.


The brand logo is usually used in different ways. For example, you’ll integrate it into commercials, apply it to merch and product packaging, etc. Therefore, creating a universal symbol that looks excellent on banners, social media posts, business cards, and animated ads is essential. 

So, a quality logo is flexible and universal. It looks perfect in black and white or any minimalistic form.

Thoughtful Color Choice

logo on different devices

Color always carries emotional weight, represents the ideas and meaning of the message. Always. Depending on your color choice logo will attract the audience or alienate it.

Professional designers are well aware of what emotions evoke specific colors and what psychological impact they have. That’s why they describe in detail the color scheme and its usage rules in brand guidelines. It is crucial to entrust the logo creation to the experienced designer (a.k.a. the real person who cares), not to a lifeless online logo maker.

Timeless and Clearness

Creating a logo that has no expiration date is not easy. However, many legendary brands show that it’s possible. For example, the Siren on the Starbucks logo has existed since 1971 and still looks spectacular.

So, the timeless logo is a product created not only based on hot trends but also on quality market research. Of course, it is useful to know the latest trends, but the backbone of the design should comply with the brand values and goals. Then you can update your logo from time to time, but it will stay recognizable for many years.

Consequently, the best logo attracts people’s attention not because of the accumulation of trends and details but because of its simplicity. Such images are easy to snatch in the chaos of other products.

Final Conclusion

david airey quote

As you see, your logo doesn’t have to reflect all the company’s services directly. Instead of it should be simple, clear, timeless. Only experienced and talented designers can create a universal logo that would be the perfect mark for your company. So it would be best if you found someone who has a deep understanding of your brand and can translate it to brand identity design.

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